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We are able to provide a wide range of vessel chartering services, to meet our clients’ marine spread requirements for shallow and deepwater operations.

Vessel types on offer are :


Anchor handling towing supply vessels (AHTS):
  Our Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessels are capable of all types of towing and anchor handling activities, for varied offshore operations. They are capable of positioning and mooring drilling rigs in virtually any location, depth or sea condition and well-suited for general support services, such as cargo transport.
Specialty Vessels:
  Sprovab Nigeria limited can offer charter services and technical management services through the deployment of unique vessels, capable of supporting a broad range of specialized marine operations such as:
    - Diving Support
- FPSO Support
- Line-Handling
- Offshore Accommodation
Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs (IMR) for Onshore/Offshore Facilities
  Sprovab in partnership with Zamakona Yards engagess in repairing, rebuilding and overhauling of ships, offshore installations and diesel engines. Providing integral services with a highly qualified work force and wide experience, Zamakona Yards are well equipped with docks, cranes, as well as the best tools and machinery. Our focus is the long term and stable relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners.
  • Onshore
- Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Construction.
- Project Management Services (Power, Oil & Gas Industries).
• Offshore
- Electricals and Instrumentation Services.
- Full blown Coating and Painting Services.
- Non Destructive Test (NDT) Services.
- Rope Access Services.
- Valve Recertification and Bolt Tensioning.
Marine Support Services
  Sprovab Nigeria with its international partnerships provides marine support services such as offshore support services, vessel catering and accommodation. We are also able to provide maintenance support for tankers, vessels, OSV and FPSO such as in cathodic protection, ICCP, de-scaling equipment and services to ensure that your vessels are at optimum condition.



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