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Logistics services in the oil and gas industry is considered as the heart of the business. Our logistics business is carried out as turn-key...

We are able to provide a wide range of vessel chartering services, to meet our clients’ marine spread requirements for shallow and deepwater operations....
Given the global trend in oil & services industries coupled with our extensive experience, depth of technical resources, financial strength,...
Sprovab Nigeria sees supply as provision of specifics at a given and agreed period of time. We will supply the likes of Heavy duty equipment, Machines,...

Sprovab Nigeria was established to provide a series of integrated services to the oil and gas sector including related marine sector. We operate on principles of excellent service delivery. Our team of professionals strives to combine both technical skills and project management capabilities to meet our clients’ requirements efficiently. These allow us the privilege to provide high quality services to facilitate our clients’ economic returns.


Corporate Sustainability statement (CSR)

As a company, we look forward to profitability but we also understand “enlightened self-interest and creative capitalism”. We would therefore like to associate and work with others who push the boundaries of sustainability while striving for bottom-line. Our concerns are on diversity, the environment and education, embedding our processes and operations with the mindset of giving back to the society. We value effective stakeholders engagement, and take cognizance of corporate governance related matters which characterize us to do our business in a proper manner.


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